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Advancing research shows that the “best doctor in the house” is sitting inside every cell of your body. Reading your DNA blueprint, “Dr. Mitochondria’s” mission is to put everything back to your DNA specifications. But Dr. Mitochondria must have, among other elements, plenty of oxygen to burn as mitochondria manufacturers ADP/ADT, which calls upon the available elements in your body to repair and heal the body. It is a 24/7 task, causing Dr. Mitochondria to burn over 90% of all the energy you take into your body.

Give Dr. Mitochondria the tools needed, such as organic nutrients, hydration, adequate exercise, sleep, no toxicities, and a positive mental attitude, there is little in terms of chronic disease that cannot be overcome. Those Chronic Conditions/Developmental Disorders include cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases, osseous and cartilaginous conditions, neuropathies, metabolic and digestive diseases, compromised immunology, collections of unhealed injuries, ongoing subclinical infections, and developmental delays and learning disorders.   

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It is estimated that today’s conventional healthcare systems are using less than 14% of the available knowledge base from research. That means that  people are receiving overly aggressive, outdated, and in many cases, downright dangerous treatment modalities instead of the sure, gentle healing modalities. No wonder so few are getting well. With a debauched food supply, those who should be the healthiest are instead the sickest! Just let us know what you want to know, and we’ll help you Find It.

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Max Stanley Chartrand, Ph.D. (Behavioral Medicine)
Managing Director, DigiCare® Behavioral Research